About Us

My name is Mario Vannini and since 2008 I am a truffle hunter. Since two years I have become also a dog educator, after a 36-year experience as head-chef and restaurant-owner.

It’s a long way to be a truffle hunter. First of all you must have a lot of passion and pass an exam to obtain the release of the card that entitles you to search for truffles, valid throughout Italy. This is the only way to operate professionally.

Other fundamental components are to have trustworthy and well-trained dogs for truffle hunting, to have dog knowledge, and to know the local territory well, especially the area around Siena and Chianti Classico (between Siena and Florence).

How We Train Dogs

I raise my dogs from puppies and train them personally.
It takes love and a long time. The dogs become part of you and you learn about their behavior and how to talk to them, so that they follows you faithfully in every adventure.

Our Values

The well-being of the dog is fundamental so that the truffle “search” becomes more and more a game, a fun that is expected every day with joy. Yes, because calling it truffle hunting is not correct… you look for truffles, you do not shoot… With love and passion we extract truffles from the earth. 

Only in this way, with a relationship of mutual trust, the truffle hunter, equally to the dog educator, enters into true harmony with his animals. Every day dogs learn something new, to become one with their educator, enriching and developing new knowledge and skills in truffle hunting.

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